Focus Exhibit: Modern Architecture in Manchester: The Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Zimmerman House

Our current library and archives focus exhibit will close on August 9. Be sure to come by and see it before then!

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2015 marks the 25th anniversary of public tours of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Zimmerman House. Through August, the Currier Museum Library and Archives is celebrating with a focus exhibition of objects from the Zimmerman Family Collection as well as material the Museum acquired and produced during the restoration and management of the historic house.

Lucille and Isadore Zimmerman

Isadore and Lucille Zimmerman moved to Manchester in 1935. They purchased a 13-room Colonial Revival home not far from the Currier Museum of Art, but soon found that the house did not fit their lifestyle. The Zimmermans hired architect Frank Lloyd Wright to design for them a small but spacious home.

The Zimmermans lived in their Wright-designed home from its completion in 1952 for the remainder of their lives. When Lucille Zimmerman died in 1988 she donated the house and its contents to the Currier Museum. The bequest included the furniture and fine art collection, photographs, correspondence and books. After two years of conservation and restoration, the house was opened to the public in 1990. In 2015, we are celebrating 25 years of public tours of the Zimmerman House.

The objects in the exhibition include material from the Archive collections including: correspondence, photographs, architectural drawings, books and ephemera.


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