Friday Finds (on Thursday): Maxfield Parrish Prep

Curators often work with the library and archives collections in preparation for upcoming shows. Today we pulled out Italian Villas and Their Gardens by Edith Wharton illustrated with pictures by Maxfield Parrish, as part of the research for our show Maxfield Parrish: The Power of the Print. Parrish produced an abundance of work for a variety of products and publications.  Parrish often produced publications for Century Magazine. This book written by Edith Wharton and published in 1904 was commissioned by the editor of Century Magazine.  You’ll learn a bit more about the publication itself and Parrish’s work in the exhibit but for now we wanted to share just a few images of the book and some ephemera tucked inside the pages that distinguishes our copy from others. This book was donated by Henry Melville Fuller, a great benefactor of the Currier Museum of Art. Inside the pages were tucked a coloring page of a gray squirrel, the booksellers stamp from the Boston book dealer where the book was originally purchased and a sheet of paper watermarked Old Berkshire Mills which appears to be contemporaneous to the publication of the book.